Water Filtration

Atlantis cares about quality water for your saltwater, fresh water, or top off water needs. We have a true 7 stage water filtration system that includes 3 separated Cation, Anion, & Mixed bed 60/40 DI resins for ultra pure water. Our system not only filters out unwanted dissolved solids/ chemicals but also strips the water down to water with virtually no ions (high purity DI water), may have a resistivity up to 18 megOhms (18,000,000 ohms) which is the resistivity of absolutely pure water. This is the water that saltwater enthusiast requires for ease of maintenance in the hobby. By stripping down the water, we eliminate phosphate and nitrate being added to the aquarium thru water changes or top off. 

Phosphate is a sub-micron solid that is utilized as a food for unwanted algae in a saltwater tank. This very same algae is the root cause of frustration in the hobby due to its unsightly appearance. Many city water and wells contain phosphate. Public water systems (PWSs) commonly add phosphates to the drinking water as a corrosion inhibitor to prevent the leaching of lead and copper from pipes and fixtures. Inorganic phosphates (e.g., phosphoric acid, zinc phosphate, and sodium phosphate) are added to the water to create orthophosphate, which forms a protective coating of insoluble mineral scale on the inside of service lines and household plumbing. In bottled water, we must be aware of nitrates that are present to preserve shelf life.  As you can see water quality is very important to our hobby. You can count on Ultra-Pure water here at Atlantis Coral.

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