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The Chromis is easy to care for, beautiful, and peaceful. In fact, Chromis is one of the preferred marine reef fish amongst aquarists, regardless of their experience level. The Chromis is desirable not only for its beauty, but also for its peaceful demeanor (despite its designation as a true damselfish) and ability to be kept with almost all other community fish, invertebrates, and corals.

The Chromis is very hardy and can live between 8 to 15 years in aquariums with excellent water quality.

For best care, feed several times throughout the day with a varied diet of meaty foods, herbivore flakes, and frozen preparations. Vitamin-enriched foods may also help to preserve body colorations.

Chromis should do well in most tank setups, but you don't want to keep them with overly aggressive tank mates or fish large enough to eat them. Keep them in a small school and they should do fine

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