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Dartfish are a family of small, extremely colorful saltwater fish. They are similar in appearance to gobies and are characterized by their long, eel-like bodies and split dorsal fins. Dartfish are a fairly hardy species of fish and adapt quite readily to life in an aquarium. This makes them an excellent choice for most beginner and novice aquarists. They are also highly intelligent and have been a staple in the marine aquarium hobby for decades.

Dartfish are a fairly small species of fish and most aquarium varieties only reach a length of around 4 inches. This makes them excellent choices for most nano-reef aquariums. They thrive in aquariums with large swimming spaces as well as plenty of hiding places. These fish also prefer aquariums with sufficient live rock and a soft substrate into which they can burrow.

Dartfish are carnivores and should be fed on a varied diet of live and frozen foods such as brine shrimp, mysis shrimp and krill. They will also readily accept most flake based foods.

Dartfish are a peaceful species of fish and do best when kept in groups of 4 or more. They also make excellent additions to most community aquariums. However, they should not be housed with larger, more aggressive tank mates that could harass or prey on them. If kept with larger, more aggressive tank mates, dartfish can sometimes stay hidden for long periods of time and eventually end up starving to death.

They are known jumpers and should be housed in aquariums equipped with tight fitting lids. They are also easily startled and can attempt to jump out of an aquarium in flashes of panic.