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The foxface rabbitfish is an extremely popular species of saltwater fish belonging to the rabbitfish family. They are characterized by their bright-yellow colored bodies and black, brown and white striped heads. When stressed or feeling preyed upon, the foxface has the ability to change to a mottled brown color.

Foxface rabbitfish are an extremely timid species of fish and prefer aquariums with large swimming space and plenty of hiding places. Their peaceful temperament also makes them an excellent addition to most community tanks. Even more aggressive species of fish often leave the foxface alone because of its poisonous spines.

Foxface rabbitfish are herbivores and should be fed on a varied diet of flakes, pellets and fresh vegetables. They also thrive in aquariums with sufficient algae growth which they can graze on.

The foxface’s anal, dorsal and pectoral fins are lined with venomous spikes and this fish should always be handled with care.

Foxface rabbitfish can be kept in large groups as juveniles. However, as the fish reaches maturity they should either be kept alone or in mated pairs as they can turn territorial towards members of their own species. It is believed that these fish form mating pairs that last until one of the fish perishes.

Foxface are often kept in reef tanks, although they do occasionally nip on live coral. They are however an herbivorous species and do not prey upon smaller fish and other invertebrates.

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