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Gobies are one of the largest families of fish comprised of over 2000 separate species. Although the majority of goby species exist in marine environments, there are several species of gobies that live in brackish and freshwater environments. Gobies are usually small and torpedo shaped. They are characterized by their morphed pelvic fins which are fused together to form a disc type sucker. When keeping gobies in an aquarium, it is not uncommon to see them latched onto pieces of aquarium décor or the tank walls using their sucker. Gobies are one of the most diversely colored species of fish and come in shades of red, orange, yellow, blue, green, brown and black.

Most species of goby rarely grow more than a couple of inches in length. Therefore they do not require very large aquariums. They are also a relatively hardy species of fish and can often live up to ten years. Most species of goby are bottom dwellers and prefer aquariums with soft substrate. Gobies are also highly intelligent and are known to establish a complex network of hiding places to which they can retreat when feeling threatened.

Gobies are carnivores and can be fed on both live and frozen foods like brine shrimp, blood worm, daphnia and Cyclops.

Gobies are extremely peaceful and therefore make excellent additions to most saltwater community aquariums. However, they should not be kept with larger, predatory fish because they are slow swimmers and can make for easy prey.

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