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Grunts are a family of saltwater fish made up of 150 different sub-species, some of which have been successfully introduced to the aquarium hobby. They have front-heavy, laterally compressed bodies and are characterized by their ability to produce a distinct grunting sound by grinding their teeth. Most aquarium varieties of grunts are extremely colorful and this, along with their peaceful demeanor, has made them favorites among a significant number of modern aquarists. Most aquarium varieties of grunts are highly colorful and come in shades of red, yellow, blue and green.

When housing grunts in a community aquarium, it is always advisable to introduce grunts to the tank first. It is not uncommon for grunts to spend a few days in hiding before feeling comfortable enough to roam around the aquarium. Grunts require aquariums with large swimming spaces as well as numerous caves and crevices to hide in. In addition, most species of grunts are nocturnal and prefer to spend most of the day in hiding, and should therefore be fed only during the night.

They should be fed on live foods such as polychaete worms, shrimp and other crustaceans. Care should be taken when housing them with ornamental crustaceans that they can fit in their mouths.

It is recommended that grunts be kept in fairly large groups because they can sometimes pick on and harass weaker members of a small group. They are also a relatively timid species of fish and should not be housed with overly aggressive tank mates.

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