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Hawkfish are species of saltwater fish closely related to the lionfish. They are characterized by their large heads and somewhat elongated, thick bodies. Most species come in vibrant colorations and this, along with their hardy nature and ease of adapting to life in captivity, have made them a popular choice among most marine aquarists. Hawkfish are a vibrantly colored species of fish and comes in shades of red, yellow, orange, brown and black.


The great thing about hawkfish is that they are an extremely hardy and disease resistant species able to adapt to a wide range of aquarium conditions. And when given optimal conditions they can thrive for many years in captivity. They are reef aquarium safe and make excellent additions to most community aquariums, provided that they are kept with tank mates of equal or larger size. Hawkfish that have established themselves in an aquarium for a significant period of time can sometimes turn territorial and it is best to rearrange an aquarium’s décor when introducing new fish to such an aquarium.

Hawkfish can be fed on a mixed diet of dried, frozen and live foods.

The hawkfish is a highly predatory species of fish and gets its name from its hawk-like hunting habits. They spend most of their time lying completely motionless on the ocean floor, waiting for unsuspecting prey to cross their paths. It is therefore ill advised to house hawkfish in tanks with smaller species of fish, crustaceans or worms that they can prey on.