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Lionfish are a species of saltwater fish belonging to the scorpionfish family. They are characterized by their bright colorations, long flowing fins and venomous tentacles that form a protective fan around the fish. Lionfish are regarded as one of the most majestic looking species of fish in the modern aquarium hobby. They are also incredibly hardy and disease resistant, and make great choices for intermediate and experienced aquarists. Lionfish are characterized by their warning colorations consisting of red, yellow, white, creamy, brown or black bands.

It is important to know that this species is not native to Florida waters. Many hobbyists, not aware of this fact, have discarded this fish into our waters and as a result, this species has proliferated. With no natural predator, this fish has become a devastation to the coral reefs off the coast of Florida. Unless you plan on keeping this fish for the entirety of its life, please reconsider another fish.

Despite their ornate appearance, lionfish are actually one of the easier species of saltwater fish to keep in the aquarium. They are very hardy and incredibly disease resistant, and given the right conditions can thrive for many years in captivity. Various lionfish species vary in size from a 2 -18 inches in length, and should be housed in appropriately sized aquariums. Lionfish are a sedentary species and require aquariums with a great deal of rockwork, caves and crevices to hide in. They are also a nocturnal species and will spend most of the daytime hidden in caves or lounging amongst the rock work. Although lionfish aren’t great swimmers, they should also be provided with fairly large open swimming spaces.

Lionfish are carnivores and should be fed on a meaty diet of fish, shrimp, squid and other crustaceans. When first introduced to the aquarium they can be picky eaters and should be enticed with live foods such as fiddler crabs, ghost shrimp and brine shrimp.

Lionfish are a predatory species and should not be housed with species of fish that are smaller in size that they are. Several lionfish can be kept in the same aquarium provided that they have enough space for each fish to establish its own territory. Care should be taken when handling lionfish as the stings from their venomous tentacles, while not lethal, can be extremely painful to humans.

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