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Squirrelfish are a family of ray-finned saltwater fish. They are characterized by their large eyes and long, sharp dorsal spines. They also produce a distinct ‘clicking’ noise by vibrating their swim bladders and use these vibrations as a defense mechanism against potential predators. Squirrelfish are an extremely hardy species of fish and make excellent choices for most beginner aquarists. Squirrelfish come primarily in shades of red and yellow with silver, grey and white markings.

Squirrelfish are active swimmers and should be housed in large aquariums with sufficient swimming space. It is also advisable to decorate the aquarium with various caves, overhands and other hiding places into which the fish can retreat to. In the wild these fish inhibit shallow, well-oxygenated areas and prefer aquariums with strong water circulation. Squirrelfish are generally a peaceful species of fish and make excellent additions to most marine community aquariums. They also fare well with more robust tank mates as most mildly predatory fish tend to leave them alone because of their intimidating dorsal spikes. They also do best when kept in large groups of 6 or more. They are extremely hardy and are able to adapt fairly easy to life in the aquarium.

Squirrelfish are carnivores and should be fed on a meaty diet of live and frozen foods. They can be fed various species of shrimp, small crustaceans and bloodworms.

It is important to remember that Squirrelfish will prey on smaller species of fish and crustaceans.

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