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Reef Safe Wrasse's are a grouping of saltwater wrasse's in the ocean that do not feed on or bother aquarium invertebrates or aquarium coral. The most common are all the different Cleaner Wrasse and fairy wrasse's species. The Fairy and Flasher style wrasses in this grouping below are found throughout tropical Indo-Pacific shallow waters swimming two to eight feet above sand or rocky substrata. Most can be found in depths ranging from 10 - 75 feet, although a few rarer ones are found deeper than 150 feet. Generally, these fishes form aggregations of one dominant male and several (or more) females, and they spend the better part of their day feeding on zooplankton. The males are always larger and more colorful than the females and will flash or display more vibrant colors during courtship.

A sand bed and Live Rock should be provided for all Wrasses. They will bury themselves in the sand to sleep or hide. Live Rock provides numerous small life forms that the Wrasses consider a tasty treat as well as another place to hide when they feel threatened. A 75 gallon or larger aquarium, either fish-only or reef, with a shaded area is recommended. Reef Safe Wrasses will not pick on corals or invertebrates, making them an ideal fish for the reef aquarium. These wrasses do like to jump, so a tight fitting canopy is necessary.

When first placed into the aquarium live saltwater feeder shrimp can be used to help it start eating. Once eating the live feeder shrimp start feeding a varied diet that includes vitamin enriched frozen prepared foods for carnivores, minced table shrimp, and a good flake food. Feed at least twice a day.

These wrasses are excellent jumpers and a tight fitting aquarium lid is required so they do not jump out of your tank.

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